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Tired of your country leader? Flip your leader to moon! Try to flip them away as high as you can.


In LeaderFlip you take it on your country leaders, who - most probably - not always perform according to your expectations. Instead of listening to more unfulfilled promises, you decide to just flip them up until they reach the moon (and hopefully never come back).

Currently you are targeting Angie Makel - well, does it ring a bell? All tied up you have to make use of floating platforms, which will flip Angie higher up if you make her jump on them. You control the platforms by tilting your phone.

Scattered around the platforms there are items, that will either help you to push her higher or her by slowing you down.

Look out for coins, because by using the coins updates can be bought from the shop. Items range from clothes to make Angie lighter - and jump higher - to specials like a rocket backpack.

Each item you buy will help you reaching higher and higher highs.

Track your score with the local high score table and compare yourself to the world with the global high score table.