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Teslapunk Mobile

Retro style arcade shoot-em-up with astonishing visuals and addictive game play.

Now out on Ouya, Apple AppStore, Google Play and Windows Phone!


This retro style arcade shoot-em-up combines astonishing visuals from an award winning artist with action packed and addictive game play.

A Shoot-Em-Up with two different playing modes. In arcade you play through different levels, dodging bullets, killing enemies with your laser and occasionally canceling bullets with a feature called Voltage Burst. Canceling bullets raises the multiplier and thus the score. But beware, it also raises the difficulty. Epic boss battles await you. In survival you have to fight endless attack waves, collecting coins and power ups on your way. You can equip and level up your ship to be more effective.

Help Nikola Tesla defeat Dr. Mabuse who tries to conquer the world. His directive: Establish an empire of crime. Now who would want that? Certainly not our inventor friend whom you have to assist. Only Tesla's Death-Ray can stop Mabuse's evil forces and you are the one to use it. Ain't that something. Fight your way through three levels of bullet infused attacks by Mabuse's henchmen in arcade mode or defeat waves of Mabuse's retro-futuristic spaceships in survival mode. Whatever you do, don't die!


Teslapunk XT

Teslapunk XT is a premium version of Teslapunk. Instead of free2play, this is a one time buy without any more in-app purchases. It also comes with an additional arcade level and many more improvements.

Only available on Windows Phone!